Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Paper


The Critical Thinking Paper is an argumentative essay using the process of thinking critically about the themes and topics presented in the course to develop a clear and cohesive position on a specific issue. These papers are designed to help you become better researchers and writers in the process of investigating topics related to the course. 

Ideas to consider as you develop a topic:

  • Relationship of the physical feature/concept/form to local, regional, global patterns/activity/circulation/flows
  • Relationship to the human landscape
  • Controls, limits, and change...
  • Resulting impacts of that change and what may be done to adapt to or modify living conditions

These papers follow a rigid Critical Thinking format; concise writing and exact length; accurate and appropriate use of sources, cited properly, including a complete, properly formatted List of Sources. Finally I require high quality writing. Use HCC's writing resourcesLinks to an external site. for guidance and access HCC's Style GuidesLinks to an external site. for Bibliographic material.

Critical Thinking

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Detailed Guidelines for Writing the Critical Thinking Paper  - Download Here

The paper is worth 100 points. 

Critical Thinking Paper Subject Matter Submission

As a part of this assignment (ungraded) and in order for me to provide you with some guidance to writing this paper,

You will submit the following for the Critical Thinking Paper Subject Matter submission. This is an ungraded submission. It is meant to provide you with guidance and feedback so I would highly encourage you to submit this information to me. 

  1. Your Thesis Statement - Your thesis statement should begin with, "In this paper, I will argue....x, y, z..."
  2. Three (3) key arguments that you will make to support your Thesis Statement
  3. Three (3) key pieces of evidence that support your argument.
  4. Four (4) peer-reviewed sources

For example: 

  • In this paper, I will argue that Climate Change is real. 
  • Three Arguments in support of the Thesis Statement
    • Ocean Acidification
    • Sea-Level Rise
    • Biodiversity Threats
  • Three pieces of evidence that support your argument
    • Increased levels of Carbon Dioxide being absorbed by the Oceans
    • Low-lying areas around the world seeing Climate Refugees
    • Species decline in areas of high biodiversity
  • Four (4) peer-reviewed resources
    • Brisman, Avi, Nigel South, and Reece Walters. "Climate apartheid and environmental refugees." The Palgrave handbook of criminology and the global south. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2018. 301-321.
    • Burkett, Maxine. "Justice and Climate Migration: The importance of nomenclature in the discourse on twenty-first-century mobility." ‘Climate Refugees’. Routledge, 2018. 73-88.
    • Bellard, Céline, et al. "Impacts of climate change on the future of biodiversity." Ecology letters 15.4 (2012): 365-377.
    • Hoegh-Guldberg, Ove, et al. "Coral reefs under rapid climate change and ocean acidification." science 318.5857 (2007): 1737-1742.

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