Criminal Law-Discussion Board 4

Defend your position with concrete examples from the textbook and real-life cases, if applicable. One post is required answering both questions 250 minimum word count, APA citation is required.

Accessories and Accomplices

o State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Website.

Criminal Law-Discussion Board 4

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1.How did you interpret the information provided in the instructions on the website? Is there anything in the instructions that you believe would be misleading to a juror? If you could change anything in the instructions, what would it be?

9-110.000 - Organized Crime And Racketeering

o The U.S. Attorneys Office Criminal Resource Manual Website

2.Access the website, read the RICO section, and answer the following questions. What is required for an U.S. Attorney to file a RICO criminal indictment? What is the review process? What are U.S. Attorneys encouraged to consider prior to seeking indictment? Why do you think that the process for filing a RICO criminal indictment is so complex?

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