Contemporary Brazilian Politics

Please read the whole paper and answer the following questions.

Contemporary Brazilian Politics

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  1. What is the research question? 2 pts
  2. What is the dependent variable and how is it measured? 3 pts
  3. What is the independent variable and how is it measured? 3 pts
  4. Describe the mechanism that links the X-variable to the Y-variable 3 pts
  5. Table 3 presents the main results. Focusing on column 1, interpret the slope for the independent variable you described in #3. Make sure you interpret the slope with the appropriate units of the variables. 4 pts
  6. What do we learn about Brazilian politics in regards to the relationship between the independent and dependent variable? 2 pts
  7. How can this study of Brazil be applied to other countries? 2 pts
  8. According to Zucco, did Brazilian voters become more leftists in 2006? Why? 1 pt 

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