Contamination And Risk Assessment

Please address each of the following questions: (at least 3 paragraphs for each question) 

1. List and discuss the steps of environmental human health risk assessment. What are the main differences between ecological risk assessment and human health risk assessment? Cite sources used. 
2. What is NRDAR? What is the authorizing legislation? Find an example of a NRDAR restoration site and describe the actions being taken there. Cite your sources. 
3. The Fifth Circuit noted in Corrosion Proof Fittings vs EPA[Corrosion Proof Fittings v EPA, 947 F.2d at 1201 n.23 - see   (Search for the term "toothpicks" or look for paragraph 23 to read this section of the court's opinion)that EPA regularly rejects, as unjustified, regulations that would save more lives at less cost. For example, over the next 13 years, we can expect more than a dozen deaths from ingested toothpicks a death toll more than twice what the EPA predicts will flow from the quarter-billion-dollar bans of asbestos pipe, shingles, and roof coatings. Are the toothpick data relevant? Do you agree or disagree with the Court? How much is a human life worth? Do you agree or disagree with EPA's valuation? 

Contamination And Risk Assessment

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