Community/Population Diagnosis And Intervention Plan

The purpose of this assignment is to take a critical look at a segment of an actual community, discovering a health issue then designing a community based intervention

Part2: Community/Population Diagnosis and Intervention Plan

After your team completes the Community Assessment, review the health issues your team discovered as issues within your community / population. As you complete this section take into account all the data you collected in your Windshield Survey.


Categorize: Traditional categories of community assessment data include the following

3. Geographic (number and size of the community/population, the clinical site,

transportation, other facilities, or activities the population is involved in)


Community Nursing Diagnosis:

Students should be able to critically analyze the population and community assessment data (of

Community/Population Diagnosis And Intervention Plan

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the select community and population) and formulate a community nursing diagnosis (CND).

Analysis is necessary to determine the population/community health need, or risk factor. The end

point of analysis is the community nursing diagnosis.


4. Other inference statements are etiologic and document the possible reasons for the health

problem or concern. Etiologic statements are linked to the descriptive statement with a

“Related to” clause for example: High diabetes rate at the DCC, related to poor diet

compliance. Or inadequate resources at Elizabeth’s Place related to lack of community



Finally, the last component of the community diagnosis are inference statements that

document the duration or magnitude of the problem.

2. As manifested by: (i.e.) Diabetic morbidity rate at the DCC = 75%, as compared to 100% in

the city of Galveston, and a 66% rate for the State of Texas. C N Diagnosis Example:

Potential for health problems associated with air pollution RELATED TO (Etiology)

increased air pollution in the community.


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