Community Empowerment

VI. Course Requirements
A Specialization Essay, consisting of a minimum of 2,500 (maximum 3,000) words in the main body of the paper. The paper is similar to a literature review which may be useful in completing the Research Project requirement for the MIDA program. This is a formal academic paper and should include the following parts:
1. Title page
2. Table of contents
3. Main body (see categories to include below)
4. References (each cited source must have a matching item in the reference list)
5. References
The Specialization Essay should begin with a brief explanation of the student’s Focus area, and then be divided into categories such as the following major sections:
1. pioneer workers in this field;
2. leading institutes and other places of influence;
3. professional networks;
4. dominant ideas and concepts;
5. pertinent policy issues;
6. pertinent ethical or philosophical issues;
7. problems and possibilities;
8. best practices; and
9. project cycle management implications.

Community Empowerment

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