College Admission Paper

GIVEN PROMPT BY COLLEGE: Write an essay. Using less than 500 words, tell us why you would like a second chance to come to college. What lessonshave you learned through school and life experiences that will help you make the most of this second chance? How will you change your learning behaviors to support your future success at BMCC and beyond? The best essays answer these questions, have few grammatical errors, and have about three paragraphs. 

ELABORATE ESSAY ON MY EXPEREINCE: It is honestly a personal essay but you can just talk about how COVID had an impact on school in general but personally it impacted my family because we had lots of losses & it was just a hard time for any family, im a hands on student so I would much rather go to a school facility than be online. Talk about how I will do whatever it takes to succeed academical y & how my first college wasn't the very best fit for me because it was so far & I didn't do my research on what they offered so I think BMCC would be the best fit because of the finance program they offer. I want to show everyone that when you put your mind and heart to something you can make anything possible & I really want to be admitted. I am also doing this for my single mother who played a big role in who I am today for representing both parental roles for my little sister & I want to help her out & make her proud. I let my first job interfere with my grades but don't plan & can ensure that it won't affect me negatively this time. 

College Admission Paper

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