Clinical Case Conceptualization With CBT

The focus to understand the client and why they are,or they have, experienced certain cognitions, emotions, behaviors, and physiological reactions.  Remember to focus on the environmental factors, biological characteristics, psychological vulnerabilities, and the client's cultural background. 

This should be a expanded conceptualization using Cognitive Behavioral Theory in APA style.  Everyone will be using the same case so I ask the you work individually on this.  Papers will be evaluated on the understanding of CBT, including concepts and research.  I will be looking for understanding of the theory, and clarity, organization,  and written expression. Include at least 3 scholarly references. 

Include in your paper...

1) Provide as much demographic information as possible.

2) Provide a description of the presenting problem: Symptoms, anxieties, moods, difficulties in personal, relational, educational, and/or occupational situations and any assessment information you have AND that you may want to know about.

Clinical Case Conceptualization With CBT

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3) A DSM-V diagnosis (including v-codes) 

4) Case formation - describe the entire case using the Cognitive Behavioral paradigm.  Remember to use the CBT language and the concepts you have been learning about. 

5) Provide what other information you would like to know about the client.

6) Treatment recommendations - Attempt to layout a treatment plan that you may consider using to assist the client.  Try and use any CBT techniques to help the client move forward.

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