Classification Paper

begin. . .
Find one article on one specific career field .
Read the article.
Establish two or three traits or goals needed for the career that the article discusses and that describes you.
Save the article in at least two different places.
You will need ONE article from the database. (Nothing older than 10 years.)

Formatting a database source on a Works Cited page
Click on:  
Scroll down to An Article from an Online Database (or Other Electronic Subscription Service).
Use the citations to help create your citations for your Works Cited page.
Do NOT use the citation at the bottom of your article due to possible mistakes.
Use Writing Dos and Don'ts.

First, create a thesis.
Use the attached Classification Thesis Sample to help.
Also, refer to the Grammar Help Sheets and Writing Dos and Don'ts in the Writing Resources module.
Your thesis should include:
the noun to refer to you (Not your name)
ex. an individual, a person, a woman
the 2 or 3 items (i.e. goals or traits)
career field

After creating your thesis. . .
For this assignment, you will have four to six paragraphs (depending on the extent of your thesis).
Approval of your thesis and topic sentences guarantees that you are on the right track.
Breakdown your thesis into topic sentences (Think of the development of your comparison paper.)

Once finalizing your thesis and topic sentences. . .
For the introductory paragraph. . . (does not have to be in this order) 
Add your attention getter.
Include background. (i.e. This could be a sentence or two about the definition and/or importance of goals/traits.)
Create a thesis statement.
Each bodied paragraph needs . . . 
Topic Sentence
Elaboration of the topic sentence. (does not have to be in this order)
Give an example. (a quote from your article)
Elaborate on the example
Any further elaboration, if needed.
A conclusion/Transition.
Conclusion paragraph must . . .
Do NOT repeat anything you have stated.
Leave the audience at a different place.
Suggestion: Why important to you. (Third person) 
Develop your paper. 
Make sure sentences and paragraphs flow from one to the next with the use of transitions.
Work Cited page

Classification Paper

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