Chapter Concept

From  Chapter 7, 8, 9 readings of the text book cyber crime and cyber terrorism  by Rober w. Taylor, Eric J. Fritch, John Liederbach, Michael R. Saylor and William L. Tafoya, list 2 concepts from each chapter that you found interesting and why.  Please elaborate on how these concepts are or will be helpful to you. Research a related criminal case to one of the concepts you listed. See Sample under Resources.

Chapter Concept

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Assessment Criteria:

1.       Give 2 concepts for each chapter (highlight the concept/terms and the Chapter).
2.       Give person experience if any.
3.       Present a criminal case reflecting one of the terms used in the chapters.
4.       Reflect on the case and sentencing.
5.       Conclusion, what you learned, and your thoughts overall.
6.       Cite your work, use Turnitin, and have a Work Cite page.
7.       At least 1,000 words are needed, double space, APA formatting.

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