Chapter 11 Reflection

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Write a 2-3 page reflection  (double-spaced; 600-900 words) on Chapter 11 from the book, From Here to Equality. Your reflection should be written in paragraph form (that is, as a series of paragraphs, not simply as a list of discrete observations). Your reflection should be well-organized and make a clear point about your understanding of or reaction to the chapter, and it should refer to specific information, examples, and quotes from the chapter. You have the freedom to chose what you want to focus on in the chapter you discuss, but here are some possible topics you may wish to consider:\

Chapter 11 Reflection

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  • Ch. 11: Discuss and reflect on the information presented in this chapter regarding the prolonged, ongoing devaluation of black life throughout the post-Civil Rights era in the form of discrimination and violence. What are the implications of these realities for the debate about Reparations? Is racially motivated discrimination and violence in the post-Civil Rights era relevant to the question of Reparations?

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