BSAB 626

Read the case in the link above and answer the following questions 

BSAB 626

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Please answer the following questions regarding the City of Cleburne case.


Describe the different levels of scrutiny the Supreme Court identified in this case. How do the different levels of scrutiny apply to different protected classes? Do you agree or disagree that these designations are needed? 


If you disagree with the Supreme Court’s differentiation between different protected classes, how would you create a system to evaluate laws that discriminate against specific classes of people? Is it necessary to do so?


What was the Supreme Court’s conclusion here about the Texas law that denied a special use permit to the operation of the group home? Do you agree or disagree and why?


Does the Supreme Court’s conclusion about the Texas ordinance make sense in light of the Court’s decision not to find people with disabilities a suspect or quasi-suspect classification?


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