Book Review Over Dave McClellan, Preaching By Ear,

      Introduction (10%)

o   Mention the author, the authors qualifications or experiences that support their ability to write this book.  

o   End the introduction with a purpose statement describing how the review will progress.

      Summary (20%)

o   Answer these questions:

  What is the authors purpose and perspective?

  What is the authors thesis?

  How is the book arranged?

o   Give a BRIEF summary of the book, discussing the main points. 

Book Review Over Dave McClellan, Preaching By Ear,

Book Review Over Dave McClellan, Preaching By Ear, is rated 4.8/5 based on 347 customer reviews.

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      Critique (60%)

o   Answer the following questions:

  Did the author achieve his or her purpose?

  Was the arrangement of the book logical and helpful?

  Was the writing clear?

  Did the authors biases impact the quality of the book?

  What were the strengths of the book?

  What were the weaknesses of the book?  

  Why should a person read the book?

o   Tip - Evaluate main points rather than minor points.

      Conclusion (10%

  Would you recommend the book to others? Why or Why not?

  What audience would find the book beneficial?

  How might this book impact you in your ministry context?

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