Balancing Business And Customer Expectations

In your reply continue the discussion surrounding the influence and impact of customer demands. You may use the following questions to guide your response:

  • How can organizations influence consumer behaviors and increase awareness of the value of the triple bottom line?
  • How can an organization leverage its mission, vision, and values in its communications with customers?
  • Should organizations ignore customers with unethical demands? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of doing so?

Reply to the following post:

The positive impacts of the "Amazon effect" for customers are many, and I will list a few. One, it provides consumers a variety of options of products that can be locally purchased and/or items unable to find at a store near you. Secondly, Amazon, provides convenience. Convenience for a consumer that is wanting to purchase a gift, and need it shipped, to someone else in another state - there may/may not be an additional cost. And thirdly, businesses can be recognized for their merchandise, and it might save the consumer a few extra dollars, if not more.

The negative impacts of the "Amazon effect" for consumers would be, you miss out on the customer interaction. If purchasing clothes, you lose out on trying them first, so you have to ship things back, if they don't work. Another negative impact is consumers are hurting their local stores support. Whether it is groceries or merchandise, that brick & mortar store is losing out on your support of the community, the profits to keep the business alive, and keep those employees employed.

Balancing Business And Customer Expectations

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The responsibility of these unethical practices such as, poor employee treatment, negative environmental impacts of production, and decreasing use of local storefronts are recognized that is falls to the customers and businesses. The amount is 60/40 - 60% consumer/customer, and 40% is the business. My figure comes from the consumer makes a big impact on these brick & mortar stores. If they aren't supported with their business, then there is not income to keep the storefront open. Retail place is costly, and that cost can only be absorbed for so long.

For the business, they have to find ways to provide different products consumers are needing and wanting. They need to think how they can offer their products at reasonable prices and still make a profit. They have to rethink their business model, knowing that consumers can easily go online to make their purchase.

For consumers, who are Amazon diehard fans, it could be hard to get them to switch and support local. Businesses need to magnify their need for support, and consumers need to be reminded why it is important to shop local. There has to be a change in the trend! 

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