Artifical Intellegence

Criteria for Essay #1 

Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to enter into the conversation, via an academic essay, about the integration of artificial intelligence and other technology into our lives and society. Remember, your opinion will not be graded. You may think that artificial intelligence and modern technology is a positive or a negative part of our modern world. However, you will need to explore your own opinion about this topic using the readings from the AI Chapter, chapter 12. Your essay of at least 900 words will show a clear thesis regarding AI and/or technology usage in our modern world

Artifical Intellegence

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No matter your opinion, you will be supporting it with the articles from chapter 12 of Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum

Skills: The assignment will support your skills that are critical in writing an academic essay. Using the source material (from our textbook onlyno outside sources allowed). Refer to the Essay Grading Rubric for specific grading

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