Answer The 3 Questions In Detail

APA refernce !!!!

Answer The 3 Questions In Detail

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  1. Remember to properly format
  2. Please do not use synonyms as they change the context of sentences
  3. Use in text citations
  4. Give full explanations

In MS Word (or some other compatible word processor), answer the following Study Questions and reference and cite all your sources in accordance with the APA style.

  1. Explain Porter’s five basic forces of competition.
  2. Gitman says that the goal of a firm is to maximize the wealth of its owners. What can financial managers do to achieve this end?
  3. The Joint Management Improvement Program of the U.S. government’s Chief Financial Council presents 18 core competencies for management analysts and financial specialists. Which three of the competencies do you think are most important for level one (entry level) people? Explain.

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