Alzheimers Disease

The purpose of this three-page essay is for students to explore and explain the biological influential factors of Alzheimer’s Disease. The end of the essay will conclude with a reflection section and faith perspective.

  1. Introduction (1 paragraph): Briefly introduce the reader to the topic, using citations when necessary. Outline what will be covered in the paper.
  2. Literature Review:
    1. Alzheimer’s Disease Overview
      1. Describe specific symptoms for the disease. Are there specific demographics that are more likely to be impacted (ie., age, gender, etc.)?
    2. Biological/Genetic:
      1. Using at least four peer-reviewed studies (no websites), discuss what genetic factors have been identified in the development or maintenance of Alzheimer’s Disease. Summarize the studies, clearly stating the biological factors and how they influence the disease (ie., onset of symptoms, maintenance/severity of the disease, progression of the disease, etc.).
  3. Reflection/Faith Integration (1-2 paragraphs):
    1. Reflect on the prior sections through the lens of the Christian worldview. If a person suffers from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, how might those symptoms impact their understanding of or expression of faith?
    2. Given what you learned through the research on influential factors, has your understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease changed? Why or why not?

Alzheimers Disease

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