Advanced Theoretical Foundations

1.    Create and present a 15-slide 15-minutevoiceover PowerPoint presentation.

2.    Consider your PICO question, theoreticalframework and/or model, and the typeof study you will conduct (quality improvement or evidence-basedpractice). 

3.    Determine how you will collect your data andwhat type of research design will best meet your needs (quantitative,qualitative, or mixed-methods). 

4.    Discuss your project idea and the populationand setting in which the capstone may/will take place.

5.    Include relevant Pictures/art on each slide 


Advanced Theoretical Foundations

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N:B The (15) fifteen slides exclude the title and reference slide

N:B Cite your slides and use references accordingto APA 7th edition.

N:B do not include your voiceover THANKS!


 PICOT question is: Effectivenessof Cannabidiol (CBD) compared to other traditional pharmaceutical medicationsin the treatment of adult anxiety disorders within a three month period.




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