Adjustment Letter

The letter will deliver a bad news adjustment to a fictional client, based on a fictional scenario. The fictional scenario 
and full assignment details can be found in the upload files area. You may invent relevant details, such as addresses, 
but do not change the facts of the scenario. Focus on providing the engineering perspective and avoid giving political, economic, or legal solutions. Copying more than four consecutive words from the fictional scenario into your letter 
(except for technical terms and titles) constitutes plagiarism.
Your letter is expected to follow conventions of business correspondence, document design, and formatting, as 
described in course readings and in-class instruction. It should be addressed to Lake Country City Council and Dab 
Lincet, Secretary, and be no more than 2 pages long. No cover page is needed.

An example adjustment letter will be given. Please review as you look to properly format and compose your own text.  

However, please do not use phrases from the example letter or otherwise plagiarize the document. 

Adjustment Letter

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