Accounting Case Study

From Dawn's perspective, write an analysis of the case using the Professional Responsibility Decision Making Framework Application of this framework should be iterative.  This means that as you work through the framework you may need to go back to previous elements because you have identified something new as you worked.  Note:  "Rules" from the framework that may be applicable include: ethical theories, professional standards, laws, company codes of conduct and social norms fitting the situation.   

Accounting Case Study

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  • Your complete response should be not longer than 2-3 pages.  
  • Use of bullet points is acceptable [and easier] for some of the elements (e.g. who is affected?). 
  • Your analysis should apply all elements of the framework, but your use of each element need not be equal in length.   
  • Use headings or the questions from the Framework to organize your response.     
  •  Your analysis must be rooted in the case facts. For example, under Rules it is not acceptable to type "Deontology" and leave it at that.  If you are applying a deontological ethical theory approach you should include specific Rights/Duties and identify the stakeholders who hold those rights and duties.

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