3 Topic Discussion Post

3 different topic discussion 
Each post 230 words no less please 
1. Search bibliographical sources to answer the following question: Explain what is meant by the term coordination failure and provide an example.

Provide bibliographical references.

2. To what extent are offenders in honor-based violence cases punished? What measures need to be implemented to protect women from these crimes?

3 Topic Discussion Post

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3. While Congress has the power to limit the cases courts can hear under Article III, it seems that the courts, themselves, have done a pretty fair job of limiting what comes to them through the tests of justiciability or judicial restraint. 

Read Adam Feldman's article .

Why do you think the U.S. Supreme Court (because it ultimately defined these principles of justiciability) imposed limits on the judiciary? Do you think they should loosen their rules just a bit?  Use the concepts discussed in class and the assigned readings (including Feldman's article) to substantiate your answer.

Link to article for number 3 

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