2 Sociology Questions

1.Examine a highly influential leader from any part of the world (either past or present).  How much of this leader's powers were based on positional power vs. personal power.  Discuss in great detail how this person's powers influenced his/her social behavior, roles, and activities.

2. Let’s discuss correlation and causality.  To explain this, we can use an example of illness.  When doctors see some symptoms in the patient, they may or may not be clear about the disease.  If the doctors are clear about what disease the patient has, they can cure the disease.  However, often doctors treat symptoms, not the cause of the disease.  They are dealing with a correlation, not causality.  Do you see the difference between correlation and causality?  Next, let’s discuss spurious relationship.  Can you give an example of it?  In this thread, provide either an example that illustrates a difference between correlation and causality or an example of spurious relationship.  Make sure to come up with your own example.  If it’s used by someone else, do not use it.  Post early to get your original ideas in!

2 Sociology Questions

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